CS106AP: Programming Methodologies in Python
Spring 2018
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30pm to 2:20pm in 200-02 (history corner)


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Friday, May 4th
Bishop Auditorium

Friday, June 8th


Lecturer: Nick Parlante
Gates 189
M/W/F 3:00pm-4:00pm (or by appointment)

Head TA: Jason Chen

Your lovely section leaders!


2018-19:CS106A-Python will be taught Winter and Spring quarters - see you then!

Final Exam with Solutions

The median was 175/200, so people did a lot better than on the midterm. The graded exams are in the while filing cabinets outside Nick's office, Gates 189. Have a great summer everyone!

1. Link to installation instructions: click here! :). Note I'm still cleaning up the slides from last quarter today but will finish up soon.
2. If you have trouble installing, feel free to see the section leaders at the LAIR. Note we will also be holding two separate PyCharm installation sessions to help you out if you find yourself stuck or just want to install PyCharm around some nice people. Jonathan Kula will be holding his 12:00 - 2:30 pm on Thursday May 9th on the 1st floor of Old Union. I will be holding mine 3:00 - 4:45 pm on Monday May 14th in Lathrop Tech Lounge. Hope to see you there!


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A quick note that if you are in Joshua's section Friday afternoon, that section will be canceled and instead you should attend any other section this week. This way you can get your midterm review section in before the midterm. :) If you are in Jason's Friday morning section, he has opted to keep his section time, but if you want to attend a section on Wednesday or Thursday, feel free to do so.

Hey all! Section assignments have all been formalized. Your section leader should've sent you an email introducing themselves and letting you know your section time and location. If they have not, they will soon! :) Note that I have put up where all the section locations and times are on the website under the "Section" dropdown, so if you ever need to make up a section feel free to attend any other section. All the locations and times should be accurate, and I will update the pictures ASAP.
- Jason

Section signups will open on Thursday April 5 @ 5:00 PM and close Sunday April 8 @ 5:00 PM.
You can access the signup page here: https://cs198.stanford.edu/cs198/
You'll be able to submit your time preferences and the coordinators will assign you a section that will start next week.
Sections are a unique feature of the 106 program! They are taught by wonderful section leaders, and your section will have ~10 students. It's a chance to learn the material in a smaller setting. Furthermore, your section leader will be responsible throughout the quarter for giving you feedback on your work and checking in with you.

Hey everyone -- first class is Monday 1:30-2:20. Bring your laptop if you can.

Winter students: exams are available by Nick's office Gates 189.