CS106AP: Programming Methodologies in Python
Stanford University: Summer 2019
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1:30-2:20 in Gates B1


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Monday, July 22
Hewlett 200

Friday, August 16
Hewlett 200


Lecturer: Kylie Jue
Gates B02
Tuesday 10am-12pm

Lecturer: Sonja Johnson-Yu
Gates B02
Thursday 2:30-4:30pm

Head TA: Nick Bowman
Gates B02
Tuesday 2:30-4:30pm




Section Assignments Released

Section assignments have been released. You can view your section time and section leader by following the "View My Section" link in the "Sections" menu of the topbar. All sections with open spots are now open for late adds as well, which you can access via this link. Please check your section assignment immediately, as sections begin today. Sections will close for late adds and swaps on Sunday, June 30 at 5pm.

Blank Karel Project

To give everyone the opportunity to play around with Karel, we have constructed a blank Karel PyCharm project that is linked in the sidebar. This project is loaded up with a ton of worlds and a blank Karel.py file in which you can write your code. In general, if you want to write Karel code outside of the lecture examples or assignments, we recommend using this project (you can download as many copies as you need). More specifically, you should not try to add new Python files to an existing Karel project, as you will likely run into issues when trying to run those files.

Week 1

Assignments & Deadlines

Assignments 0 and 1 have been released.

  • Assignment 0 (a short Google form) is due on Wednesday, June 26 at 11:59 PM.
  • Assignment 1 has its on-time deadline on Tuesday, July 2 at 11:59 PM and its extended deadline on Wednesday, July 3 at 11:59 PM.
General LaIR office hours will begin on Wednesday, June 26 from 7-11 PM in Tresidder Student Union. More information on timing and location of these help hours can be found in the Course Communication handout (linked below).

Important resources this week

Be sure to check out the Course Syllabus and Course Communication Handout. Make sure to install PyCharm as soon as possible using the instructions in the PyCharm installation handout.

Other logistics
  • Section signups opened Sunday at 5pm and will close on Tuesday at 5pm.
  • Sign up for our course's Piazza!
  • Instructor and head TA office hours begin this week! Since Sonja is out of town this week, Kylie/Nick will be in B02 on Thursday at her scheduled time instead. See the sidebar for location and timing details. Feel free to come by with any questions you have, or just for a chat!
  • Please email Nick as soon as possible if you have academic accommodations from the OAE.
  • If you have an academic conflict with the midterm exam (which is on July 22 from 7-9 PM), please fill out this form in addition to sending Nick an email.
  • We will be holding two PyCharm installation help sessions this week. These sessions will be staffed by the instructors, head TA, and section leaders and are meant to help troubleshoot any issues you may have while installing PyCharm. The times and locations for the sessions are as follows:
    • Monday (6/24) from 3-4:30 PM in Gates 200
    • Tuesday (6/25) from 2:30-4:30 PM in Gates B02
    Please attempt to install PyCharm using the instructions in the PyCharm installation handout before attending one of these sessions.
What is CS106AP?

We put together some handouts to help you during your journey in CS106AP. See the Course Syllabus for details on course logistics and policies. The Course Schedule page shows you the topics that we are going to cover and the corresponding assignment and exam dates.


Welcome to CS106AP! We are looking forward to a fun summer. Class starts today at 1:30pm in Gates B1. See you there!

Sign up for section!

Section signups open at 5pm today. To sign up for a section, go to this website. Log in if you are prompted to do so, and then fill out the form linked on the page. Make sure to list as many times that work for you as you can, in order to ensure you’re placed into a section that works for your schedule. Signups will close at 5pm on Tuesday.