Lecture Notes / Syllabus

2021 Course Notes

In 2021, Course notes will be distributed via Box, but will be similar to 2020, below.

2020 Notes

Note that 2021 will use similar lectures and notes to 2020, but some lectures will be modofied and some of the material will be optional in 2021

Basic MRI Review / Background

Background I - Bloch Equations and Contrast (Lecture 1)

  • The Main (B0) Field and the Equation of Motion (1A): Notes | Lecture

  • Radiofrequency (B1) Pulses and the Rotating Frame (1B): Notes | Lecture

  • Hard RF (B1) Pulses and Forced Precession (1C): Notes | Lecture

  • Bloch Equations, Relaxation, and Image Contrast (1D): Notes | Lecture

Background II - k-space and imaging (Lecture 2)

Simulation Tools

Bloch Equation Matrix Simulations (Lecture 3)

  • Matrix Operations for Nutation, Relaxation and Precession (3A): Notes | Lecture

  • Sequence Simulation Examples using Matrix Operations (3B): Notes | Lecture

Extended-Phase-Graphs (Lecture 4)

  • Definition of the Extended Phase Graph Basis (4A): Notes | Lecture

  • Sequence Operations in the Extended Phase Graph Domain (4B): Notes | Lecture

  • Extended Phase Graph Sequence Examples (4C): Notes | Lecture


Imperfections I - Eddy currents, Maxwell Terms, Gradient Non-linearity

Imperfections II - Motion and Motion Compensation

Imperfections III - Signal to Noise Ratio

  • Single-Channel Noise and SNR Measurement (7A): Notes | Lecture

Pulse Sequences

Pulse Seq I - Spin Echoes

Pulse Seq II - Balanced and Spoiled Sequences

  • RF-Spoiled Sequences and Comparisons (9D): Notes | Lecture

Pulse Seq III - Echo Planar Imaging

  • Echo Planar Imaging (EPI) Artifacts (10B): Notes | Lecture

Pulse Seq IV - Radial & Spiral Sequences

Pulse Seq V - Gradient Waveform Design

Pulse Seq VI - Sampling and Timing

  • Sampling and Point-Spread Functions (13A): Notes | Lecture

  • Multidimensional Sampling and Timing (13B): Notes | Lecture

Contrast Tools

Magnetization Preparation - RF Pulses

  • Magnetization Preparation and Fat Suppression (14A): Notes | Lecture

  • Saturation, Inversion and Contrast Preparations (14B): Notes | Lecture

Magnetization Preparation - Diffusion

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