Your first assignment consists of four Karel programs.

Getting Started

There is a starter project including all of these problems that you can access using a link below. Since this is the first assignment we will ask you a few questions about the honor code before you can download the starter project. Once you have the starter code set up, edit the program files so that the assignment actually does what it’s supposed to do (see the assignment handout), which will involve a cycle of coding, testing, and debugging until everything works. The final step is to submit your assignment.

You should write the code for your solution on your own.

Note: You may only use concepts covered in the Karel pythonreader to solve these problems. In particular, you may not use Python concepts you may have learned previously such as variables, parameters, return, break, etc. If you have any questions about what is ok/not ok to use, please feel free to ask on Ed.

Assignment Files

Note: If you write a Karel program as an extension in and made new Karel Worlds to run the program in, please submit the .w files alongside your assignment code.