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Stanford Invitational

On January 19-20, 2008, the Stanford Women’s Rugby Team hosted its annual Stanford Invitational. Eleven teams came out for the two-day event despite the chilly weather. Teams from Cal, Oregon State, UCSD, Chico, UCLA, Western Washington, Oregon, UCSB, Colorado, Humboldt, and Stanford each competed in three 40-minute games within their pool to determine the brackets for the second day. The first day of the tournament saw the sides from Chico, Oregon, and Cal emerge with three wins each to take first, second, and third place respectively. UCSD, UCLA, Humboldt, Colorado, and Stanford, despite suffering two losses in the first day, rounded off the top 8. Cal and Oregon won their first games to take on each other in the semifinals, as Stanford beat Chico to advance to their semifinal against UCSD. In the semifinals, Stanford held UCSD scoreless to advance to the championship game as Cal beat Oregon. In the championship game, Stanford came out victorious with a score of 37-0 to win the Stanford Invitational for the third year in a row.


Rookies made an impact throughout the tournament for Stanford:
1-Prop Aly English v. Cal. (Photo by Dobson Images)
2-Flyhalf Emily Wyatt v. UCSD. (Photo by Numina Photo)

Notable performances also came from Colorado’s Meg Knight (back) and W. Washington’s Megan Thompson (forward) who were named Tournament MVPs.

Final Standings:

1. Stanford
2. Cal
3. Oregon
5. Chico
6. Humboldt
7. Colorado
10. Western Washington
11. Oregon State

More images from the weekend are now up at Dobson Images and Numina Photo.