Frequently Asked Questions

Based on a document by Julie Zelenski, Cynthia Lee and others

These questions mostly pertain to prospective students. Current students should see the links in the top navigation bar for more information about coursework, assignments and labs. Still have unanswered questions? Hop on over to the discussion forum and ask! We're happy to help.

Will the lectures be recorded?

This quarter, we plan to have a mixture of pre-recorded and live lectures where we cover course material, do small group activities, and answer questions. All sessions, including live lectures, will be recorded for later viewing.

I am taking another class that conflicts with the lecture time. Can I watch the recording or get notes from a friend?

Lecture is an important part of the course and students find it most effective when they can join us in person. For this reason, we highly discourage enrolling in conflicting classes, and recommend instead that you wait or rearrange your schedule to permit as much participation as possible in CS107 when you choose to take it.

I am interested in shopping CS107, but am unable to enroll in additional units. What should I do?

Canvas has recently added a new feature that allows students to shop courses without enrolling on Axess and be added to the course Canvas while they do so. CS107's Canvas supports this feature. Please see this link for more information. Note that you are only able to submit coursework if you are formally enrolled in the course on Axess, unless you contact us.

Do you allow auditors?

Auditors are welcome to watch recorded videos on Canvas as an Observer, access our materials on the course website, and complete labs and assignments on their own, but work cannot be handed in. We will not be able to grade work from auditors, nor be able to accommodate them in the lab sections, helper hours, live lecture streams (as we may do small group activities) or the online discussion forum. To get access to Canvas and the assignments as an auditor, please contact us to let us know you would like to audit the course.

How does CS107 relate to CS107E?

Both courses cover introductory computer systems with their own take. We think both courses are great! Read the CS107E FAQ for more info on how to weigh the two options.

What is CS107A?

CS107A is part of ACE (Additional Calculus for Engineers), a supplementary instruction program that includes weekly sections, office hours, and ACE-specific review sessions. CS107A is done in addition to all the normal requirements for CS107. You will receive an extra unit of course credit for the work you do in this program.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the CS107A instructor, Andrew Benson, at