Frequently Asked Questions

Based on a document by Julie Zelenski, Cynthia Lee and others

Will the lectures be recorded?

This quarter, CS107 is offered via SCPD, meaning that lectures will be recorded and posted to Canvas for later viewing. (You can find a full list of when courses are offered on SCPD here). Lecture attendance or quizzes are also part of the course grade - please see the course syllabus for more information about lectures.

I'm an SCPD/NDO/HCP student - what do logistics for the course look like?

Welcome! We're happy to have you in the class this quarter - check out our SCPD Handout for more information about how different aspects of the course work (such as exams, sections, lecture credit, etc.).

I am taking another class that conflicts with the lecture time. Can I watch a recording or get notes from a friend?

Lecture is an important part of the course and students find it most effective when they can join us in person. For this reason, we strongly discourage enrolling in conflicting classes, and recommend instead that you wait or rearrange your schedule to permit as much participation as possible in CS107 when you choose to take it. In particular, CS107 will not offer any alternate final exam times so you must arrange to take the final exam at the scheduled time. Lecture attendance or quizzes are also part of the course grade - please see the course syllabus for more information about lectures.

Are alternate exam times offered for the midterm or final exams?

For the midterm, because it takes place outside of scheduled class time, we are offering alternate exams in cases of academic or University conflicts with the midterm time, where you absolutely cannot make the regularly scheduled midterm. Please see the midterm page for more information. The final exam takes place during our registrar-scheduled final exam time, and for this reason there are no alternate times for the final exam, except for those with relevant official university athletics or Office of Accessible Education accommodations. Please see the final exam page for more information.

Who should I contact on the course staff for questions I might have?

We are happy to help! You can find information about who to contact for different questions or situations at the bottom of the main homepage.

What is CS107ACE?

CS107ACE is part of ACE (Additional Calculus for Engineers), a supplementary instruction program that includes weekly sections, office hours, and ACE-specific review sessions. It is done in addition to all the normal requirements for CS107. You will receive an extra unit of course credit for the work you do in this program. Enrollment is by application, and you can find more information on the CS107ACE course website: click here. Once enrollment decisions are made, students who are accepted will then be given a permission number to enroll on Axess. If you have questions, please email the ACE CA (contact information listed on the course homepage).

Do you allow auditors?

Auditors are welcome to attend lecture, access our materials on the course website, view discussion forum posts and complete section problems and assignments on their own, but work cannot be handed in. We will not be able to grade work from auditors, nor be able to accommodate them in sections, helper hours or posting on the online discussion forum. To access assignments, you can access them using guest instead of $USER in the cloning command for assignments (except for assign5 - please email us if you would like a starter project for that assignment). If you want access to lecture recordings, email the course staff for access.