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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Undergraduate Programs in Education

The School of Education focuses on graduate education and research training and does not offer an undergraduate major. However, undergraduate education is of concern to the school, and courses and programs are available to those interested in the field of education. The following courses are appropriate for undergraduates:

102. Culture, Class and Educational Opportunity

103A. Tutoring: Seeing a Child Through Literacy

103B. Race, Ethnicity, and Linguistic Diversity in Classrooms: Sociocultural Theory and Practices

103C. Educational Policy, Diversity, and English Learners

110. Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of Schools

112X. Urban Education

113X. Gender and Sexuality in Schools

116X. Service Learning as an Approach to Teaching

117X. Research and Policy on Postsecondary Access

124. Collaborative Design and Research of Technology: Integrated Curriculum

130. Introduction to Counseling

131. Mediation for Dispute Resolution

134. Career and Personal Counseling

137. Social Justice in Education

146X. Perspectives on the Education of Linguistic Minorities

149. Theory and Issues in the Study of Bilingualism

165. History of Higher Education in the United States

170X. Preparation for Independent Public Service Projects

171X. Early Childhood Education Practicum

178X. Latino Families, Languages, and Schools

177. Education of Immigrant Students: Psychological Perspectives

179. Urban Youth and their Institutions: Research and Practice

181. Multicultural Issues in Higher Education

191X. Introduction to Survey Research

193A. Listen Up! Core Peer Counseling Skills

193B. Peer Counseling in the Chicano/Latino Community

193C. Peer Counseling in the African American Community

193F. Psychological Well-Being on Campus: Asian American Perspectives

193N. Peer Counseling in the Native American Community

193P. Peer Counseling at the Bridge

193S. Peer Counseling on Comprehensive Sexual Health

197. Education, Gender, and Development

199A,B,C. Undergraduate Honors Seminar

201. History of Education in the United States

202. Introduction to Comparative and International Education

204. Introduction to Philosophy of Education

208B. Curriculum Construction

218. Topics in Cognition and Learning: Play

220B. Introduction to the Politics of Education

220D. History of School Reform: Origins, Policies, Outcomes, and Explanations

221A. Policy Analysis in Education

243. Writing Across Languages and Cultures: Research on Writing and Writing Instruction

247. Moral Education

251B. Statistical Analysis in Educational Research: Analysis of Variance

270A. Learning to Lead in Public Service Organizations

288. Organization Studies: Theories and Analyses

298. Online Learning Communities

303X. Designing Learning Spaces

315X. Race and Ethnicity in Social Institutions

323A. Introduction to Education Policy Analysis

326. Legal Dilemmas and Administrative Decision Making in Schools

342. Child Development and New Technologies

354X. School-Based Decision Making

369. Human Cognitive Abilities

374A. Research Workshop: Knowledge Networks

382. Student Development and the Study of College Impact

384. Advanced Topics in Higher Education

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