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Modern Thought and Literature

Director: Ursula Heise

Committee in Charge:(Chair) Ursula Heise, Lanier Anderson, Scott Bukatman, Shelley Fisher Fishkin (on leave winter, spring), Hans U. Gumbrecht, Sean Hanretta (on leave), Andrea A. Lunsford, Saikat Majumdar, Liisa Malkki, Helen Stacy, Fred Turner (spring)

Affiliated Faculty: Lanier Anderson (Philosophy), Shahzad Bashir (Religious Studies), Scott Bukatman (Art and Art History), Eamonn Callan (Education), Joshua Cohen (Political Science, Philosophy, Law), Jean-Pierre Dupuy (French and Italian), Paulla Ebron (Anthropology), Dan Edelstein (French and Italian), Harry Elam (Drama), Michele Elam (English), Amir Eshel (German Studies), Shelley Fisher Fishkin (English), James Ferguson (Anthropology), Gregory Freidin (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Theodore Glasser (Communication), Roland Greene (English, Comparative Literature), Hans U. Gumbrecht (French and Italian, Comparative Literature), Sean Hanretta (History), Ursula Heise (English), Matthew Kohrman (Anthropology), Joshua Landy (French and Italian), Helen Longino (Philosophy), Andrea A. Lunsford (English), Saikat Majumdar (English), Liisa Malkki (Anthropology), Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz (Art and Art History), Franco Moretti (English, Comparative Literature), Paula Moya (English), Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi (French and Italian), David Palumbo-Liu (Comparative Literature), Arnold Rampersad (English), Richard Roberts (History), Ramón Saldívar (English, Comparative Literature), Priya Satia (History), Debra Satz (Philosophy), Londa Schiebinger (History), Stephen Sohn (English), Helen Stacy (Law), Fred Turner (Communication), Richard White (History), Bryan Wolf (Art and Art History), Alex Woloch (English), Sylvia Yanagisako (Anthropology), Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano (Spanish and Portuguese)

Program Offices: Building 240

Mail Code: 94305-2022

Phone: (650) 723-3413


Web Site:

Courses offered by the Program in Modern Thought and Literature have the subject code MTL, and are listed in the "Modern Thought and Literature [MTL] Courses" section of this bulletin.

The Program in Modern Thought and Literature is administered through the office of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities. The program admits students for the Ph.D. and a very limited number for a coterminal B.A./M.A. Program.

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