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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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African and African American Studies

Acting Director: Michele Elam

Associate Director: Cheryl Richardson

Advisory Committee: Clayborne Carson (History), Linda Darling-Hammond (Education), Harry Elam (Drama), Joel Samoff (African Studies), Morris Graves (Associate Dean of Students), Elaine C. Ray (Director, Stanford University News Service), Arnold Rampersad (English), John R. Rickford (Linguistics), Dorothy Steele (CCSRE)

Affiliated Faculty: David Abernethy (Political Science, emeritus), R. Lanier Anderson (Philosophy), Arnetha Ball (Education), Richard Banks (Law), Lucius Barker (Political Science, emeritus), Don Barr (Sociology), Shasad Bashir (Religious Studies), Carl Bielefeldt (Religious Studies), Rashida Braggs (IHUM), Bryan Brown (Education), Albert Camarillo (History), James Campbell (History), Clayborne Carson (History), Prudence Carter (Education), Wanda Corn (Art History), Linda Darling-Hammond (Education), David Degusta (Anthropology), Sally Dickson (Law), Sandra Drake (English, emeritus), Jennifer Eberhardt (Psychology), Paulla Ebron (Anthropology), Harry Elam (Drama), James Ferguson (Anthropology), Shelley Fisher Fishkin (English), Charlotte Fonrobert (Religious Studies), George Fredrickson (History, emeritus), James Gibbs Jr. (Political Science, emeritus), William B. Gould (Law, emeritus), Sean Hanretta (History), Aleta Hayes (Drama), Allyson Hobbs (History), Terry Karl (Political Science), Anthony Kramer (Drama), Teresa LaFromboise (Education), Brian Lowery (Graduate School of Business), Liisa Malkki (Anthropology), Hazel Markus (Psychology), Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz (Art and Art History), Monica McDermott (Sociology), Tania Mitchell (CCSRE), Robert Moses (Drama), Paula Moya (English), Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi (French and Comparative Literature), Na'ilah S. Nasir (Education), Susan Olzak (Sociology), David Palumbo-Liu (Comparative Literature), Patricia Powell (African and African American Studies), Jack Rakove (History), Arnold Rampersad (English), John R. Rickford (Linguistics), Richard Roberts (History), Sonia Rocha (Sociology), Michael Rosenfeld (Sociology), Ramón Saldívar (English), Joel Samoff (African Studies), Paul Sniderman (Political Science), Ewart Thomas (Psychology), Jeremy Weinstein (Political Science)

Program Offices: 450 Serra Mall, Building 360

Mail Code: 94305-2084

Phone: (650) 723-3782


Web Site:

Courses offered by the Program in African and African American Studies have the subject code AFRICAAM, and are listed in the "African and African American Studies [AFRICAAM] Courses" section of this bulletin.

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