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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Emeriti: (Professors) George H. Brown, W. B. Carnochan, George G. Dekker, Charles N. Fifer, Albert J. Gelpi, Barbara C. Gelpi, David Halliburton, Shirley Heath, John L'Heureux, Herbert Lindenberger, John Loftis, Thomas C. Moser, Nancy H. Packer, Marjorie G. Perloff, Arnold Rampersad, Ronald A. Rebholz, Lawrence V. Ryan, Wilfred H. Stone, Elizabeth C. Traugott, Wesley Trimpi; (Associate Professor) Sandra Drake; (Professor, Teaching) Larry Friedlander; (Senior Lecturer) Helen B. Brooks

Chair: Jennifer Summit

Director of Creative Writing Program: Eavan Boland

Director of Program in Writing and Rhetoric: Andrea A. Lunsford

Professors: John B. Bender (English, Comparative Literature), Eavan Boland, Terry Castle (on leave), W. S. Di Piero (on leave Autumn, Winter), J. Martin Evans (on leave Spring), John Felstiner (on leave Autumn), Kenneth W. Fields, Shelley Fisher Fishkin (on leave Winter, Spring), Roland Greene (English, Comparative Literature), Gavin Jones, Seth Lerer (English, Comparative Literature; Autumn only), Andrea A. Lunsford, Franco Moretti (English, Comparative Literature), Stephen Orgel, Patricia A. Parker (English, Comparative Literature), Peggy Phelan (English, Drama), Robert M. Polhemus, David R. Riggs, Ramón Saldívar (English, Comparative Literature; on leave), Jennifer Summit, Elizabeth Tallent (on leave Winter), Tobias Wolff

Associate Professors: Michele Elam, Denise Gigante, Ursula Heise, Blair Hoxby, Nicholas Jenkins, Paula Moya (on leave), Blakey Vermeule, Alex Woloch

Assistant Professors: Claire Jarvis, Michelle Karnes, Saikat Majumdar, Judith Richardson (on leave), Stephen Sohn, Hannah Sullivan

Senior Lecturer: Christopher Rovee

Courtesy Professors: David Palumbo-Liu, Bryan Wolf

Courtesy Associate Professor: Joshua Landy

Lecturers: Molly Antopol-Johnson, Keith Ekiss, Skip Horack, Maria Hummel, Scott Hutchins, Adam Johnson, Tom Kealey, David MacDonald, Michael McGriff, Hilton Obenzinger, Linda Paulson, Angela Pneuman, Rita Mae Reese, Bruce Snider, Alice Staveley, Shimon Tanaka, Joshua Tyree, Michael Wyatt

Consulting Professors: Valerie Miner, Carol Shloss

Consulting Assistant Professor: Matthew Jockers

Visiting Professors: Mark Doty, Mary Gordon

Department Offices: Building 460, Room 201

Mail Code: 94305-2087

Phone: (650) 723-2635

Web Site:

Courses offered by the Department of English have the subject code ENGLISH, and are listed in the "English [ENGLISH] Courses" section of this bulletin.


The Department of English seeks to teach and promote an understanding of the significance and history of British, American, and Anglophone literatures and to foster an appreciation of the richness and variety of texts in the language. The undergraduate program offers rigorous training in interpretive thinking and precise expression, teaching students to invent ideas, organize them, draw deductions and make connections to new ideas, and articulate them in eloquent and convincing ways. The English graduate program features the study of imaginative language, rhetoric, and the poetic and narrative arts and it focuses on the roles that imaginative writing and representations play in almost every aspect of human experience. Completing the B.A., M.A., or Ph.D. curricula prepares students of English to adapt, to think, and to communicate inventively, and to be cultured and humane in their approach to life.

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