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Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS)

Director: Claude Steele

Deputy Director: Ann C. Petersen

Center Offices: 75 Alta Road, Stanford, CA 94305

Mail Code: 94305-2130

Web Site:

The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford (CASBS) is dedicated to advancing knowledge about human behavior and fostering contributions to society. CASBS does this through several programs, and primarily residential fellowships. Other programs are special projects within the residential year, extended seminars involving groups of scholars who meet at the Center over two to three years, and summer institutes. For all these programs, CASBS identifies the most accomplished and promising scholars in the fields represented by the Center.

CASBS programs seek to advance knowledge, advance fields of humanities and the social and behavioral sciences, and contribute to society. Groups of scholars gathered together at the Center will stimulate each other to broaden and deepen their thinking. The specific methods of CASBS are the social interactive process of interdisciplinary stimulation, intellectual freedom and time, and staff support. These social structures in the "microenvironment" permit Fellows to engage new and challenging ideas, to think clearly and analytically, and to write more profoundly and prolifically than at any other time in their careers. Young scholars especially benefit from this environment and build their fields in a way influenced by their experience at the Center.

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