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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Dual and Coterminal Degree Programs in the School of Engineering

A Stanford undergraduate may work simultaneously toward two bachelor's degrees or toward a bachelor's and a master's degree, that is, B.A. and M.S., B.A. and M.A., B.S. and M.S., or B.S. and M.A. The degrees may be granted simultaneously or at the conclusion of different quarters. Usually five years are needed for a combined program.

Dual B.A. and B.S. Degree Program—To qualify for both degrees, a student must (1) complete the stated University and department requirements for each degree, (2) complete 15 full-time quarters, or 3 full-time quarters after completing 180 units, and (3) complete a total of 225 units (180 units for the first bachelor's degree plus 45 units for the second bachelor's degree).

Coterminal Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program—A Stanford undergraduate may be admitted to graduate study for the purpose of working simultaneously toward a bachelor's degree and a master's degree, in the same or different disciplines. To qualify for both degrees, a student must (1) complete, in addition to the 180 units required for the bachelor's degree, the number of units required by the graduate department for the master's degree which in no event is fewer than the University minimum of 45 units, (2) complete the requirements for the bachelor's degree (department, school, and University) and apply for conferral of the degree at the appropriate time, and (3) complete the department and University requirements for the master's degree and apply for conferral of the degree at the appropriate time. A student may complete the bachelor's degree before completing the master's degree, or both degrees may be completed in the same quarter.

Admission to the coterminal program requires admission to graduate status by the pertinent department. Admission criteria vary from department to department.

Procedure for Applying for Admission to Coterminal Degree Programs—A Stanford undergraduate may apply to the pertinent graduate department using the University coterminal application form after completing 120 bachelor's degree units. Application deadlines vary by department, but in all cases the student must apply early enough to allow a departmental decision at least one quarter in advance of the anticipated date of conferral of the bachelor's degree.

Students should refer to the University Registrar's Office or its web site for details about when courses begin to count toward the master's degree requirements and when graduate tuition is assessed; this may affect the decision about when to apply for admission to graduate status.

For University coterminal degree program rules and University application forms, see

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