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Interschool Honors Program in International Security Studies

Co-Directors: Michael M. May, Paul Stockton

The Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) coordinates a University-wide interschool honors program in international security studies. Students chosen for the honors program intern with a security-related organization, attend the program's honors college in Washington, D.C. in September, attend a year-long core seminar on international security research, and produce an honors thesis with policy implications. Upon fulfilling individual department course requirements and completing the honors program, students graduate in their major with a certificate in Honors in International Security Studies. To be considered for the program, students must demonstrate sufficient depth and breadth of international security course work. Ideally, applicants to the program should have taken: POLISCI 114S, International Security in a Changing World; MS&E 193, Technology and National Security; and at least one related course such as ECON 150/PUBLPOL 104, Economic Policy Analysis; STS 110/MS&E 197/PUBLPOL 103B, Ethics and Public Policy; SOC 160, Formal Organizations; PUBLPOL 102/SOC 166, Organizations and Public Policy; POLISCI 110B, Strategy, War, and Politics; and POLISCI 114T, Major Issues in International Conflict Management.

Students in the program enroll in IIS 199, Interschool Honors Program in International Security Studies, in Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Information about and applications to this program may be obtained from the Center for International Security and Cooperation, C223 Encina Hall Central, telephone (650) 723-9626, or

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