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Graduate courses in Feminist Studies

Primarily for graduate students; undergraduates may enroll with consent of instructor.

FEMST 203. Feminist Theories and Methods Across the Disciplines

(Same as FEMST 103, PHIL 153.) The interdisciplinary foundations of feminist thought. The nature of disciplines and of interdisciplinary work. Challenges of feminism for scholarship and research.

4-5 units, Aut (Longino, H)

FEMST 253. Women and the Creative Imagination

(Same as FEMST 153.) Interdisciplinary. The lives of women artists in different cultures and generations. Students write about art forms, the role of artists in the academy, and their social responsibilities. Similarities and differences among artists.

4-5 units, Aut (Miner, V)

FEMST 360. Seminar in Women's Health: Women and Disabilities

(Same as FEMST 260.) Topics include invisible disabilities and identities, sexualities, access, caretaking, self-definition, stigma and passing, and women's psychological as well as physical health. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

5 units, Spr (Krieger, S)

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