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Economics Sophomore College Courses

ECON 13SC. Economic Policies of the Presidential Candidates

Modern finance theory. Financial instruments including stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. Historical returns on asset classes. Equity analysis. Capital pricing model. Efficient market hypotheses. Index funds. Meetings with financial managers and venture capitalists.

2 units, Aut (Shoven, J)

ECON 19SC. Land and Water Policies in the West

(Same as HISTORY 19SC, POLISCI 21SC.) Historical development and current status, with a focus on California. Topics include: the political origins and economic implications of federal laws and programs that define and allocate rights to land and water; competition for resources between cities and agriculture; the history of federal involvement with the West; contemporary policies and controversies regarding resource management, agriculture, water, energy, and environmental quality. Field trip to California's Central Valley and Owens Valley.

2 units, Aut (Frisby, T; Kennedy, D; Brady, D)

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