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Materials Science and Engineering Sophomore College Courses

MATSCI 10SC. Diamonds from Peanut Butter: Material Technologies and Human History

Technological importance of materials in history is captured in names: the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and now the Information Age or the Silicon Age. How materials have played, and continue to play, pivotal roles in the development of new technologies.

2 units, Aut (Bravman, J)

MATSCI 11SC. Energy Technologies for a Sustainable Future

(Same as CHEMENG 11SC.) The scope of the energy problem and global energy issues; options for sustainable energy. Focus is on the scientific basis of sustainable, cutting-edge technologies, including solar cells, fuel cells, and biofuels emphasizing the fundamental science behind the technologies. Readings include technical information on the science and engineering of sustainable energy technologies. Field trips; laboratory experiments.

2 units, Aut (Bent, S; Clemens, B)

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