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Madrid Spanish Literature Courses

OSPMADRD 22. Spain on Stage: Theater and Performance in 2009

5 units, Spr (Surwillo, L)

OSPMADRD 24. Spain and Africa through the Ages

3 units, Spr (Surwillo, L)

OSPMADRD 40. Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis in the Spanish World

4 units, Aut (Tejerina-Canal, S)

OSPMADRD 41. Dissidence and Continuity: Spanish Theater, 1907 to the Present

4 units, Win (Tejerina-Canal, S)

OSPMADRD 45. Women in Art: Case Study in the Madrid Museums

4 units, Win (Doménech López, J)

OSPMADRD 67. Women in Spain: From Tradition to Postmodernity

5 units, Spr (Botella Ordinas, E)

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