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Civil and Environmental Engineering Introductory Courses

CEE 31Q. Accessing Architecture Through Drawing

(S,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to sophomores. Drawing architecture provides a deeper understanding of the intricacies and subtleties that characterize contemporary buildings. How to dissect buildings and appreciate the formal elements of a building, including scale, shape, proportion, colors and materials, and the problem solving reflected in the design. Students construct conventional architectural drawings, such as plans, elevations, and perspectives. Limited enrollment. GER:DB-EngrAppSci

4 units, Aut (Barton, J), Spr (Barton, J)

CEE 46Q. Fail Your Way to Success

(S,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to sophomores. How to turn failures into successes; cases include minor personal failures and devastating engineering disasters. How personalities and willingness to take risks influence the way students approach problems. Field trips, case studies, and guest speakers applied to students day-to-day interactions and future careers. Goal is to redefine what it means to fail. GER:DB-EngrAppSci

3 units, Spr (Clough, R)

CEE 48N. Organizing Global Projects

(F,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to freshmen. Challenges associated with planning and managing both commercial and governmental/non-profit global projects; theory, methods, and tools to enhance global project outcomes. Students teams model and simulate crosscultural teams engaged in global projects. Opportunities to participate in research in the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects involving faculty from Stanford departments and schools; see

4 units, Aut (Levitt, R)

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