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Comparative Medicine Introductory Courses

COMPMED 81N. Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Mammals

(F,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to sophomores. Comparative approach to common mammals, laboratory, and domestic species. The unique adaptations of each species in terms of its morphological, anatomical, and behavioral characteristics. How these species interact with human beings and other animals. GER: DB-NatSci

3 units, Win (Bouley, D)

COMPMED 84Q. Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases

(S,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to sophomores. Infectious diseases impacting veterinary and human health around the world today. Mechanisms of disease, epidemiology, and underlying diagnostic, treatment and control principles associated with these pathogens.

3 units, Spr (Felt, S)

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