Final Exam Room Locations
June 7, 2015

Here are the room assignments for the final exam, which are divvied up by last (family) name.

  • Last name Aba - Leo: Go to 420-040.
  • Last name Leu - Zoc: Go to Hewlett 200.

I hope your studying is going well. Best of luck on the exam!

Some Words of Encouragement
May 20, 2015

As we approach the second midterm exam, I thought I'd share two resources that I've found helpful in the past when feeling stressed about math.

First, here's an excellent YouTube video from Mathematigal talking about how not to be afraid of math:

Second, here's an article by a journalism professor dispelling his belief that he was inherently "bad at math."

Hope this helps!

Second Midterm Room Locations
May 15, 2015

Here are the room assignments for the second midterm exam, which are divvied up by last (family) name.

  • Last name Aba - Sow: Go to Hewlett 200.
  • Last name Spe - Zoc: Go to Hewlett 201.

Best of luck on the exam - I hope it goes well!

Midterm Room Locations
April 30, 2015

Here are the room assignments for the first midterm exam, which are divvied up by last (family) name.

  • Last name Aba - Mes: Go to Annenberg Auditorium.
  • Last name Mex - Zoc: Go to Cubberly Auditorium.

Best of luck on the exam tonight - I hope it goes well!

Midterm Logistics
April 22, 2015

The first midterm exam will be next Thursday, April 30 from 7PM - 10PM, location TBA. It's closed-book, closed-computer, and open-one-page-of-notes. You can have one 8.5" × 11" sheet of notes with you when you take the exam. The exam will cover topics up through and including graphs, roughly corresponding to the material from Problem Set One through Problem Set Three.

To help you get more practice for the exam, we'll be holding a practice midterm exam next Monday, April 27 from 7PM - 10PM, location also TBA. The practice exam has a similar structure and form as the actual midterm exam, and TAs will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. If you can't make the alternate exam time, don't worry - we'll post the practice exam up on the course website.

We will also be releasing sets of extra practice problems throughout the week in case you'd like more practice. The first set of extra practice problems is currently available under the "Practice Problems" section of the course website. We'll release solutions on Friday along with another set of review problems. If you'd like more practice on top of this, check out the CS103A website or try some of the exercises from the course notes.

If you cannot make the scheduled exam time, please contact the course staff as soon as possible. We will be holding one alternate exam from 4PM - 7PM on the same day as the main exam, but we need to have an estimated headcount so we know how big of a room to reserve.

As always, feel free to contact us with questions. Good luck!

Problem Set Three
April 17, 2015

Problem Set Three goes out today. The checkpoint assignment is due on Monday, April 20, and the remaining problems are due on Friday, April 24. This problem set explores propositional and first-order logic in some depth, the switches into a brief overview of graph theory. We hope that you have fun with this one!

Good luck!

Problem Set Two
April 10, 2015

Problem Set Two goes out today. The checkpoint assignment is due on Monday, April 13, and the remaining problems are due on Friday, April 17. This problem set is all about induction, its variants, and its applications. I hope that you have a lot of fun on this problem set - some of these problems are among my all-time favorites!

Good luck!

For Fun: Two Mathematical Links
April 6, 2015

If you'd like a fun little diversion, check out Vi Hart's video about Pythagoras and √2.

Also, as mentioned in lecture, if you assume 1 = 0, you can prove anything, including that Winston Churchill is a carrot. Just thought I'd share that gem of wisdom with you.


Problem Set One
April 3, 2015

The very first problem set of the quarter, Problem Set One, goes out today and is due in two parts. The checkpoint assignment is due this upcoming Monday at 12:50PM and will be graded based on effort. The remaining problems are then due on Friday at 12:50PM. We hope that this problem set gives you a lot of practice with the three main proof techniques we've seen so far and gives you a sense of what you can do in the realm of discrete math. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

We're using Scoryst this quarter for assignment submissions. To sign up for Scoryst, please have each group member register using the link under the "resources" tab, then list everyone on the submission. Let us know if you have any trouble submitting

Good luck!

Welcome to CS103!
March 30, 2015

Welcome to CS103, an introduction to discrete mathematics, computability theory, and complexity theory! We have an great quarter ahead of us filled with interesting and exciting results in the power and limits of computation, and I hope that you're able to join us.

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email me at with questions.

See you soon!


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27: The Big Picture
26: NP-Completeness II
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25: NP-Completeness I
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24: P and NP
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23: Unsolvable Problems III
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20: Turing Machines III
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18: Turing Machines I
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17: Context-Free Grammars
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16: Nonregular Languages
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15: Regular Expressions
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14: Finite Automata III
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13: Finite Automata II
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12: Finite Automata I
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11: Binary Relations
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10: Unequal Cardinalities
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09: Functions
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08: Graphs
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07: Mathematical Logic III
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