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This archived information is dated to the 2009-10 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Chicana/o Studies

Director: Gary Segura

Chicana/o Studies is an interdisciplinary major focusing on the Mexican-origin population of the U.S., the second largest ethnic group in the nation. Students who major or minor in Chicana/o Studies have an opportunity to select from courses in the humanities, social sciences, and courses offered by affiliated faculty in the School of Education. Established in 1997, the Chicana/o Studies program affords students an opportunity to explore the culture, society, economy, and politics of this important and growing segment of our national population.


1. Core Curriculum

Chicana/o Studies majors must take the 15-unit CSRE core curriculum including two introductory core courses and a senior seminar taken in Autumn Quarter of the senior year. One foundational course that focuses on a non-Mexican origin group may be counted toward the 15-unit core requirement.

2. Foundational Courses

Majors are required to take one foundational course in Chicana/o Studies. This may be either CHICANST 180E, Introduction to Chicana/o Studies or SOC 166, Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Chicanos in American Society.

3. Thematic Concentration

Chicana/o Studies majors select a thematic concentration which allows students to customize their curriculum and to synthesize course work taken across various departments into a coherent focus. Majors complete an additional 40 units of courses relevant to the thematic concentration and approved by the adviser.

A total of 60 units of course work are required for the major.

4. Senior Paper or Honors Thesis

All CSRE-related majors complete a culminating research paper under the supervision of a faculty adviser.


Students who wish to minor in Chicana/o Studies must complete one core introductory course and one foundational course, either CHICANST 180E or SOC 166. Minors will also select a thematic concentration and choose four additional courses relevant to that theme to customize their curriculum. A total of 30 units of approved course work is required for each minor.

Students in Chicana/o Studies may find the following courses useful in fulfilling course requirements in the major or minor.

Core Courses—

ANTHRO 88. Theories of Race and Ethnicity (5 units)

CSRE 196C/ENGLISH 172D/PSYCH 155. Introduction to Race and Ethnicity (5 units)

CSRE 200X. CSRE Senior Seminar (WIM; 5 units)

EDUC 245. Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development (3-5 units)

HISTORY 64. Introduction to Race and Ethnicity in 20th Century America (5 units)

HISTORY 255D. Racial Identity in the American Imagination (4-5 units)

PSYCH 75. Introduction to Cultural Psychology (5 units)

SOC 147A/247A. Comparative Ethnic Conflict (5 units)

SOC 148. Racial Identity (5 units)

Foundational Courses—

CHICANST 180E/CSRE 180E. Introduction to Chicana/o Studies (5 units)

SOC 166. Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Chicanos in American Society (5 units)

Thematic Courses—

CHICANST 160N/CSRE 160N/DRAMA 17N. Salt of the Earth: Docudrama in (Latino) America (3-5 unis)

CHICANST 189W/CSRE 189W. Language and Minority Rights (3-5 units)

CHICANST 197/CSRE 197/NATIVEAM 197/DRAMA 355. The Rite to Remember: Performance and Chicana Indigenous Thought (3-5 units)

CHICANST 201B/CSRE 201B. From Racial Justice to Multiculturalism: Movement-based Arts Organizing in the Post-Civil Rights Era (5 units)

Cognate Courses—

EDUC 149. Theory and Issues in the Study of Bilingualism (3-5 units)

EDUC 177. Education of Immigrant Students: Psychological Perspectives (4 units)

EDUC 178X. Latino Families, Languages, and Schools (3-5 units)

EDUC 193B. Peer Counseling in the Chicano/Latino Community (1 unit)

ENGLISH 45/145. Another Way to be: Writing by Women of Color (3-5 units)

ENGLISH 64N. Growing Up in America (3 units)

HISTORY 165. Mexican American History through Film (4-5 units)

ILAC 117N. Film, Nation, Latindad (3-4 units)

ILAC 389E. Race, Gender and Sexuality in Cultural Representations (3-5 units)

ILAC 280. Latina/o Literature (3-5 units)

POLISCI 125S. Chicano/Latino Politics (5 units)

POLISCI 327. Minority Behavior and Representation (5 units)

SOC 164. Immigration and the Changing United States (5 units)

SPANLIT 193. The Cinema of Pedro Almodůvar (3-5 units)

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