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This archived information is dated to the 2009-10 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Civil Engineering (CE) Minor

The Civil Engineering minor is intended to give students an in-depth introduction to one or more areas of civil engineering. Departmental expertise and undergraduate course offerings are available in the areas of Construction Engineering and Management, Structural Engineering, and Architectural Design. The minimum prerequisite for a Civil Engineering minor focusing on construction engineering and management or structural engineering is MATH 42 (or 21); however, many courses of interest require PHYSICS 41 and/or MATH 51 as prerequisites. The minimum prerequisite for a Civil Engineering minor focusing on architectural design is MATH 41 (or 19) and a course in Statistics. Students should recognize that a minor in Civil Engineering is not an ABET-accredited degree program.

Since civil engineering is a broad field and undergraduates with varying backgrounds may be interested in obtaining a civil engineering minor, no single set of course requirements is appropriate for all students. Instead, interested students are encouraged to propose their own set of courses within the guidelines listed below; this list must be officially approved by the Civil Engineering (CE) undergraduate minor adviser. Additional information on preparing a minor program, including example programs focusing on each of the areas of expertise listed above, is available at While each example program focuses on a different area of expertise within the department, other combinations of courses are also possible.

General guidelines are:

  1. A Civil Engineering minor must contain at least 24 units of course work not taken for the major, and must consist of at least six classes of at least 3 units each.
  2. The list of courses must represent a coherent body of knowledge in a focused area, and should include classes that build upon one another.

Professor Anne Kiremidjian ( is the CE undergraduate minor adviser in Structural Engineering and Construction Engineering and Management. John Barton (, Program Director for Architectural Design, is the undergraduate minor adviser in Architectural Design. Students must consult one of these advisers in developing their minor program, and obtain approval of the finalized study list from them.

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