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Overseas Studies Courses in French and Italian

For course descriptions and additional offerings, see the listings in the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site ( or the Bing Overseas Studies web site ( Students should consult their department or program's student services office for applicability of Overseas Studies courses to a major or minor program.

Autumn Quarter


OSPFLOR 34. The Woman in Florentine Art. 4 units, Timothy Verdon, GER:DB:Hum, EC:Gender

OSPFLOR 106V. Italy: From an Agrarian to a Post-industrial Society. 5 units, Giuseppe Mammarella, GER:DB:SocSci, EC:GlobalCom

OSPFLOR 115Y. The Duomo and Palazzo della Signoria: Symbols of a Civilization. 4 units, Timothy Verdon, GER:DB:Hum

OSPFLOR 134F. Modernist Italian Cinema. 5 units, Ermelinda Campani, GER:DB:Hum


OSPPARIS 31. American Writers in 20th Century Paris. 5 units, Cecile Alduy, GER:DB:Hum

OSPPARIS 47. Women in French Cinema. 4 units, Cecile Alduy, GER:DB:Hum, EC:Gender

Winter Quarter


OSPFLOR 44. The Revolution in Science: Galileo and the Birth of Modern Scientific Thought. 5 units, Paolo Galluzzi, GER:DB:Hum

OSPFLOR 48. Sharing Beauty: Florence and the Western Museum Tradition. 4 units, Filippo Rossi, Timothy Verdon, GER:DB:Hum

OSPFLOR 49. The Cinema Goes to War: Fascism and World War II As Represented in Italian and European Cinema. 5 units, Ermelinda Campani, GER:DB:Hum

OSPFLOR 111Y. From Giotto to Michelangelo: Introduction to the Renaissance in Florence. 4 units, Timothy Verdon, GER:DB:Hum


OSPPARIS 38. First Language Acquisition, with Emphasis on French. 4 units, Eve Clark

OSPPARIS 56. From Text to Stage: Transformation of French Theater in the 19th and 20th Centuries. 4 units, Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux, GER:DB:Hum

OSPPARIS 186F. Contemporary African Literature in French. 4 units, FranÁoise Rullier, GER:DB:Hum, EC:GlobalCom

Spring Quarter


OSPFLOR 54. High Renaissance and Maniera. 5 units, Timothy Verdon, GER:DB:Hum

OSPFLOR 67. Women in Italian Cinema: Maternity, Sexuality and the Image. 4 units, Ermelinda Campani, GER:DB:Hum, EC:Gender


OSPPARIS 30. The Avant-garde in France through Literature, Art and Theater. 4 units, Tiphaine Karsenti, GER:DB:Hum

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