Final Project Reports for 2019

There were two options for the course project. Students either chose their own topic ("Custom Project"), or took part in a competition to build Question Answering models for the SQuAD 2.0 challenge ("Default Project").

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Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following teams, who produced exceptional prize-winning projects! Thank you also to our sponsors, who generously donated prizes.

Prizes for Best Custom Project Posters

  1. Quantized Transformer (poster), Chaofei Fan
  2. Sequence-to-Sequence Generative Argumentative Dialogue Systems with Self-Attention (poster), Ademi Adeniji, Nate Lee, Vincent Liu
  3. Effect of translationese on machine translation quality (poster), Stephanie Chen

Prizes for Best Default Project Posters

  1. Ensemble BERT with Data Augmentation and Linguistic Knowledge on SQuAD 2.0 (poster), Wen Zhou, Xianzhe Zhang, Hang Jiang
  2. Diverse Ensembling with Bert and its variations for Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (poster), Zhen Qin, Weiquan Mao, Zhining (Anna) Zhu
  3. Ruminating QANet (poster), Rafael Rafailov

Audience Selection Prize for Best Poster

Sponsors' Prize for Best Poster

Prizes for Best Custom Project Reports

  1. Deep Retriever: Information Retrieval for Multi-hop Question Answering (poster), Zijian Wang, Vera Lin, Leo Mehr (prize sponsored by Oracle)
  2. Compressing Transformers with Pruning and Quantization (poster), Robin Cheong, Robel Daniel (prize sponsored by Oracle)
  3. VaLaR NMT: Vastly Lacking Resources Neural Machine Translation (poster), Minhyung Kang, Kais Kudrolli

Prizes for Best Default Project Reports

  1. BERT-A: Fine-tuning BERT with Adapters and Data Augmentation (poster), Sina J. Semnani, Kaushik Ram Sadagopan, Fatma Tlili
  2. Chained Self-Attention, Jai Gupta
  3. Dynamic Curriculum on SQuAD 2.0, Jiacheng Zou

Runner-Up Prizes for Best Reports (prizes sponsored by Adobe)

Custom Projects

Project NameAuthors
A Deep Learning Approach for Identification of Confusion in Unstructured Crowdsourced Annotations (poster) Rachel Gardner, Maya Varma, Clare Zhu
A neural architecture to learn image-text joint embedding (poster) Hareesh Kolluru
A text-based forecasting model for equity trading (poster) Oleg Mitsik
Accent Detection Within the Amateur Singing Voice (poster) Camille Noufi, Sarah Ciresi, Vidya Rangasayee
Adversarial Examples for Neural Automatic Essay Scoring Systems (poster) Klint Kanopka, David Lang
Adversarially Improving Adversarial Performance of QA models (poster) Yoni Lerner
An Ernie-st Attempt at Pun Recognition (poster) Amy Wang, Zheng Yan
An Exploration in L2 Word Embedding Alignment (poster) Peiyu Liao
Analysis of Learning Cooperative Visual Dialog Agents (poster) Juanita Ordonez
Analyzing the U.S. Federal Legislation Texts: A Deep Learning Approach (poster) Hyoungju Seo, Tom Yu
Attention-based Stock Price Movement Prediction Using 8-K Filings (poster) Mohamed Masoud
Automated Essay Scoring: My Way or the Highway! (poster) Alexander Hurtado, Vamsi Saladi
Automatic Extraction of Textbook Glossaries Using Deep Learning (poster) Manish Singh, Matt Boggess
BERT for Coreference Resolution (poster) Arthi Suresh
BERT-Supervised Encoder-Decoder for Restaurant Summarization with Synthetic Parallel Corpus (poster) Lily Cheng
BiLSTM-CRF and BiGRU-CRF for Thai Segmentation (poster) Nick Tantivasadakarn, Armando Banuelos
Biomedical Question Answering with SDNet (poster) Lu Yang, Sophia Lu, Erin Brown
Biomedical relation inference via embeddings (poster) Alex Derry
Blending approaches to Abstractive Summarization (poster) David Dowey
Building NLP Classifiers Cheaply with Transfer Learning and Weak Supervision (poster) Abraham Starosta
Bumblebee: Text-to-Image Generation with Transformers (poster) Nathan A. Fotedar, Julia Wang
CS 224N: Final Paper (poster) Aakarshan Dhakal, Dhruv Kedia
Characterizing a New Taxonomy of Mental Disorders from Natural Language on Reddit (poster) Scott L. Fleming
CircumplexSentiNet - BiLSTM-CNN for Affective Circumplex Sentiment Analysis (poster) Daniel Shan-Shea Chen
Cloze Answer Generator (poster) Jimmy Zhou, Javen Xu, Jing Bo Yang
Communication and Language Emergence Among Populations and Clusters of Agents (poster) Graham D Todd
Comparing Attention-based Neural Architectures for Video Captioning (poster) Jason Li, Helen Qiu
Compositional Pre-Training for Semantic Parsing with BERT (poster) Arnaud Autef, Simon Hagege
Compositional pre-training for neural semantic parsing (poster) Amir Ziai
ConvoBot: A Conversational Bot via Deep Q-Learning and Query Simulation (poster) Vidush Mukund, Brian Wilcox
Could you elaborate? Generating News Articles from Summaries (poster) Angelica Willis, Miles Hutson
Deception Detection in Online Mafia Game Interactions (poster) Lisa Fu
Deep & Machine Learning Approaches to Analyzing Gender Representations in Journalism (poster) Stephanie Campa, Maggie Davis, Daniela Gonzalez
Deep Learning Humor Classification on Yelp reviews (poster) Rohan Bais, Marcos Torres
Deep Neural SCOTUS: A Comparative Analysis of Language-Modeling Techniques for US Supreme Court Opinions (poster) Andrew Atticus Miller-Smith
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Task-Oriented Dialogue (poster) Nnamdi Iregbulem, Sahil Yakhmi
DeepBLEU (poster) Austin Narcomey, Andrew Narcomey, Khalid Ahmad
DeepDoc: Natural Language Processing with Deep Neural Networks for the American Board of Internal Medicine Certification Exam (poster) Jonathan Wang, Britni Chau, Kinbert Chou
Detecting Duplicate QuestionsAlfonce Nzioka
Digital "Mad Men": Training RNN as an Ad Copywriter (poster) Paul Shved, Christina Lin, Sridatta Thatipamala
Embedding Methods for HER Data and the Utility of Clinical Text (poster) Conor K. Corbin, Gautam B. Machiraju
EmoNet: Reconstruction of Emotion As People Read Using Deep Neural Network with Attention (poster) Zhengxuan Wu, Sherine Zhang, Xuan Zhang
Exploring techniques to improve RNN translation performance (poster) Patrick Kelly, Katie Fo
Fast Fourier Transformed Transformers: Circulant Weight Matrices for NMT Compression (poster) Scott Reid, Matthew Mistele
Faster Transformers for Document Summarization (poster) Dian Ang Yap, Vineet Kosaraju, Zaid Nabulsi
Faster Transformers for Text Summarization (poster) Amaury Sabran, Alexandre Matton
Featureless Deep Learning Methods for Automated Key-Term Extraction (poster) Kush Khosla, Robbie Jones, Nicholas Bowman
Financial News in Predicting Investment Themes (poster) Andrew Han
From Audio to Symbolic Encoding (poster) Shenli Yuan, Lingjie Kong, Jiushuang Guo
From Note2Vec to Chord2Vec (poster) Phil Chen, Edward Xu
Gender Balanced Coreference Resolution (poster) Nicholas Tan, Hongshen Zhao
Gendered Pronoun Resolution (poster) Apoorv Chaudhary
Gendered Pronoun Resolution (poster) Mustafa Abdool, Sarah Egler
Generalized Textual and Visual Question Answering using Combined Image-Context Embeddings (poster) Manan Rai
Generating Arabic News Headlines (poster) Omar Alhadlaq
Generating Football Match Summaries with NMT (poster) Miguel Ayala
Generating natural language answersMadhav Sharan
Generative Multi-Hop Question Answering with Compositional Attention Networks (poster) Ammar Al-Qatari
Hierarchy or Heuristic? Examining hierarchical structure and the poverty of the stimulus in recurrent neural networks (poster) Isabel Papadimitriou
HorrifAI: Using AI to Generate Two-Sentence Horror (poster) Adam Keppler, Jennie Chen
Identifying Depression on Social Media (poster) Kali Cornn
Identifying Linguistic Innovators in the Business Community (poster) Paul Vicinanza
Improved Beam Search Diversity for Neural Machine Translation with k-DPP Sampling (poster) Max Spero, Jon Braatz
Improving English to Arabic Machine Translation (poster) Wael Abid, Younes Bensouda Mourri
Interpreting Self-Attention Weights (poster) Chris Varano
Intrinsic Curiosity in 3D Task-Oriented Language Grounding (poster) Daniel Do
Is this question sincere? Identifying insincere questions on Quora using BERT and variations (poster) Alex Wang, Vince Ranganathan
JAM for HotpotQA (poster) Mars Huang, Ashton Teng, Juan Manuel Zambrano
Just News It: Abstractive Text Summarization with a Pointer-Generator Transformer (poster) Vrinda Vasavada, Alexandre Bucquet
LMAONet - LSTM Model for Automated Objective Humor Scoring and Joke Generation (poster) Zen Simone, Cameron Cruz
Learning Private CNN Language Models (poster) Mila Faye Schultz
Learning the Rulebook: Challenges Facing NLP in Legal Contexts (poster) Mark S. Krass
Low Resource Text Classification with Backtranslation (poster) Sam Shleifer
MeltingpotQA: Multi-hop Question Answering (poster) Nathan Dass, Saelig Khattar, Ankit Mathur
Memory Transformer Networks (poster) Jonas Metzger
Mindstone: DeepIR with contextualized attention-based network for open-domain QAMadhulima Pandey
Multi-Hop Question Answering with Bi-Attention Processing and CNNs (poster) Laura Cruz-Albrecht, Krishna Patel
Multi-hop Question Answering on HotpotQA (poster) Chris Wang,Yilun Xu,Iris Wang
Natural Language Generation of The Office Using a Neural Machine Translation Context (poster) Samuel Kwong, Winton Yee
Neural Abstractive Summarization on the Gigaword Dataset (poster) Joseph Okonda, Robert Kinini, Peter Wang
Neural Abstractive Text Summarization and Fake News Detection (poster) Soheil Esmaeilzadeh, Gao Xian Peh, Angela Xu
Neural Backdoors in NLP (poster) Andrew Guan, Kristy Duong
Neural ODEs for Machine Translation (poster) Enrique De Alba, Gleb Stronov
Neural based event-driven stock rally prediction using SEC filings and Twitter data (poster) Magdy Saleh, Surag Nair
Neural code summarization: Experiments in Python and Bash (poster) Benjamin N. Peloquin
Non-Parallel Many-to-Many Cross-Lingual Voice Conversion (poster) Michael Vobejda
On the Automatic Generation of FDG-PET-CT Reports (poster) Sabri Eyuboglu
Patent Citation Prediction with Content and Network Features (poster) John Knowles, Sam Premutico
Predicting Audience Reactions to a Speech (poster) Samuel Lurye
Prescient Language Models: Multitask Learning for Long-term Planning in LSTMs (poster) Joyce Xu
PubMeSH: Extreme Multi-label Classification of Biomedical Research (poster) Kevin Thomas, Rohan Paul, Mia Kanzawa
QA with Wiki: improving information retrieval and machine comprehension (poster) Rohan Sampath, Puyang Ma
Quantized Transformer (poster) Andrew Philip Tierno
Question Answering on Natural Questions (poster) Yiling Chen, Rena Sha
Real World Graphical Reasoning and Compositional Question Answering (poster) Henry Friedlander, Preston Ng
Reasoning on Multi-Hop Questions with HotpotQA (poster) Jamil Dhanani, Suma Kasa, Suprita Shankar
Robust Unsupervised Style Transfer Architecture for Complex Discrete Structures and Varying Styles (poster) Cairo Mo, Cherie Xu, Alice Yang
Sarcasm Detection (poster) Lydia Xu, Vera Xu
Search Like a Human: Neural Machine Translation for Database Search (poster) Geoffrey B. Boullanger, Maxime Dumonal
Semi-Supervised Question Answering (poster) Niki Agrawal, Mayuka Sarukkai
Sentence Simplification with Transformer-XL and Paraphrase Rules (poster) Fei Fang, Matthew Stevens
Sentence Unscrambler: Exploring Deep Learning Models for Word Linearization (poster) Kent Vainio, Jason Zheng, Sonja Johnson-Yu
Sentence-Level Extractive Text Summarization (poster) Nathan Zhao, Yijun Jiang, Yi Liu
Sentiment Analysis of Tweets using Deep Neural Architectures (poster) Michael Liwei Cai
Simple Mathematical Word Problems Solving with Deep Learning (poster) Sizhu Cheng, Nicolas Chung
Skeleton-based Coherence Modeling in Narratives (poster) Nishit Asnani, Rohan Badlani
Smart Vet: Autocompleting Sentences in Veterinary Medical Records (poster) Sam Solomon Ginn
Solving Biology Analogies with Deep Learning (poster) Justin Xu, Han Lin Aung, Sajana Weerawardhena
Stylized Text-to-Image Generation (poster) Eric Vincent
Supervised Fact Extraction from Web Pages (poster) Tom Sandell, Waleed Malik, Junaid Ahmed
Text-to-SQL Translation with Various Neural Networks (poster) Yipeng He, Di Bai, Wantong Jiang
TongAI: Helping Neuroradiologists Do Better Things (poster) Nikita Demir, Jose Giron
Towards Better Character-based Word Vectors (poster) Luoshu Wang
Toxic Speech Detection (poster) Animesh Koratana, Kevin Hu
Transforming Second Language Acquisition Modeling (poster) Nathan Dalal, Nidhi Manoj, Arjun Manoj (External Collaborator)
Tweets Classification with BERT in the Field of Disaster Management (poster) Guoqin Ma
Understanding Multitask Learning with Transfer Learning (poster) Abhishek Sharma
Understanding the Sentiment of Clinical NotesJiaming Zeng
uRNN: An Approach to Bounded Gradients (poster) David Kewei Lin, Jensen Jinhui Wang
Using news titles and financial features to predict intraday movements of the DJIA (poster) Arjun Arora, Avoy Datta, Victoria Ding
Visual QA based on Attributes and External Knowledge (poster) Sarah Radzihovsky, Weiying Goh, Jing Lim
Visual Question Answering via Dense Captioning (poster) Vinay Sriram, Neel Ramachandran, Emmie Kehoe
Wikipedia Sentence Simplification (poster) Alexander Wang, Ryan Kurohara, David Liang

Default Projects

Project NameAuthors
A Transformer Augmentation of BiDAFSteven Zheng
A Variation on the Theme: SQuAD (poster) Gawan Fiore
Adapting Transformer-XL Techniques to QANet Architecture for SQuAD 2.0 Challenge (poster) Lorraine Zhang
Advancing with Adversaries: Comparing LSTMs Across Adversarial Inputs (poster) Darian Shane Martos, Angela Chen, Jerold Yu
An Analysis of the PointNet Architecture and Word-Dropout Applied to Question Answering (poster) Mason Riley Swofford, JC Charles Peruzzi
Analyzing BERT with Pre-train on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Chenchen Pan, Liang Xu
Answer Pointer Alternatives for Unanswerable Questions in SQuAD2.0 (poster) Evin YuDong Yang
Answer Validation for SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Ruben Ignacio Contesti, Demetrios Fassois, Kade Keith
Applying Ensembling Methods to BERT to Boost Model Performance (poster) Sol Xavier Barth, Zoe Solis, Charlie Weiwen Xu
Applying QANet to SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Nolan Handali, Andrew James Zhang, Aleksander Dash
Applying Transformer-XL to Q&A (poster) Sam Xu
Attention and CNN empowered BiDAF for SQuAD (poster) Haojun Li
BERT + Verify (poster) Kai Marshland
BERT Squared: Read + Verify System for SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Jiayu Lou
BERT for Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Yuwen Zhang, Zhaozhuo Xu
BERT++: Reading Comprehension on SQuAD (poster) Lirong Yuan
BERTNet (poster) Yang Wang, Hongtao Sun, Brett Szalapski
Bariants of Attention for Neural Question Answering (poster) Spenser Anderson
Bert++ (poster) Sophia Papoulias Barton, Juliet Nkechiyere Okwara, Lea Jabbour
BertNet: Combining BERT language representation with Attention and CNN for Reading Comprehension (poster) Manish Pandit, Girish S Limaye, Vinay Sawal
BiDAF Model Optimization and QANet Model Re-implementation on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Yulian Zhou
CNN and RNN Hybrid Reading Comprehension Systems (poster) Victor Liang, Siyu Yang
CS 224N Final Project Report (poster) Nick Allan Steele, Gabriel Francis Voorhis-Allen
CS224N Final Paper (poster) Luis Varela Eleta, Alejandro Dobles, Tevon Clarence Strand-Brown
CharBiDAF with Self-Attention for SQuAD (poster) Zahra Abdullah, Darrith Bin Phan
Contextual Aware Joint Probability Model Towards Question Answering System (poster) Lijing Song, Liu Yang
EANet: Enhanced Attention Network for Question Answering System (poster) Insop Song
ECNet: Early Attention and Local Convolution for Machine Comprehension (poster) Abhishek Goswami
Enhancing BiDAF with BERT Embeddings, and Exploring Real-World Data (poster) Ryan Gian-Meun Mui, Priyanka Puram Sekhar, Sumit Minocha
Evaluating QANet on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Parthasarathy Suryanarayanan, Yash Mangilal Jain
Explicitly Learning Implicit Classification (poster) Sai Kandallu
Exploring Embedding and Attention Improvements to BiDAF SQuAD Model (poster) Colin James Dolese
Extended QANet and Application on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Larry Jin, Yimin Liu, Su Jiang
Extending Answer Prediction for Deep Bi-directional Transformers (poster) David Y. Zhao, Peter Dun, Lauren Zhu
Final Default Project (poster) Charlie Furrer, Priya Ravi Chatwani, Charles Michael Vidrine
Final Report for CS224N Default Project (poster) Zhihan Jiang, Wensi Yin
Hierarchical Attention Fusion Network for Question Answering (poster) Yang Chen, Marius Seritan
Improved BiDAF with Self-Attention (poster) Zixuan Zhou, Mingchen Li, Gendong Zhang
Improving Bi-Directional Attention Flow for Machine Comprehension (poster) Bosen Ding, Yue Wang
Improving SQUAD 2.0 Performance using BERT + X (poster) Kevin Tran, Danny Jay Takeuchi
Machine Reading Comprehension on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Yiyang Li, Shichang Zhang, Yancheng Li
Megatron: Using Self-Attended Residual Bi-Directional Attention Flow (Res-BiDAF) to Improve Quality and Robustness of a BiDAF-based Question-Answering System (poster) Zheng Nie, Matt Linker, Jerry Zhilin Jiang
Multi-Task Deep Neural Networks for Generalized Text Understanding (poster) George Zhixuan He
No RNN SQuAD (poster) Chase Simeon Davis, Amanda Nicole Jacquez, Vikas Venkatanarasimha Munukutla
One Step at a Time with SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Somnath Purkayastha
Orchestra: An Ensemble Approach to SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Aaron Sanford Levett, Taide Ding
Positioning Self in SQuAD (poster) Neel Chowdary Yerneni, Ankit Singh Baghel
QANet Analysis: CS224N Milestone Default Project (non-PCE) (poster) Timothy Quang-Tin Le
QANet for SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Anuprit Kale, Edgar G. Velasco
QANet with Universal Transformer (poster) Kongphop Wongpattananukul
QANet-XL: Applying Transformer-XL to QANet (poster) Ryan Cole
QANet: Convolutions and Attention are All you Need (poster) Anirudh Rajiv Joshi
QuAVONet: Answering Questions on the SQuAD Dataset with QANet and Answer Verifier (poster) Jesus Enrique Cervantes
Question Answering Models for SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Ryle Zhou
Question Answering System on SQuAD dataset (poster) Liuming Zhao, Taiming Zhang
Question Answering System on The SQuAD Dataset (poster) Gevorg Khondkaryan
Question Answering Training on SQuAD (QATS) (poster) Carson Zhao, Louise Huang, Mi Jeremy Yu
Question Answering for SQuAD 2.0Andrew Brian Deveau
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 Dataset (poster) Yuanjun Li, Yuzhu (Ariel) Zhang
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 using Transformer-XL (poster) Julien Hedou, Ianis Bougdal-Lambert
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Boxiao Pan, Gael Colas, Shervine Amidi
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Chaonan Ye, Wanling Liu
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Liz Guo, Lantao Mei
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Mayukh Majumdar
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Mengyu Li, Boyao Sun, Qiwen Wang
Question Answering on SQuAD with BERT (poster) Zhangning Hu
Question Answering on SQuAD (poster) Conor McAvity
Question Answering with BERT and Answer Verification (poster) Kevin Culberg
Question Answering with Hierarchical Attention Fusion Layers & Multi-Task Learning (poster) Tyler Ma Yep, Woody Zhouyuan Wang
Question Answering with SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Eli Joshua Echt-Wilson, Kathryn Rydberg
Question Answering with Self-Attention and Residuals (poster) Luyao Hou
Question Representation and Mapping in Transformers (QeRMIT) (poster) Mark Chang, Di Ai
Question and Answering on SQuAD 2.0: BERT Is All You Need (poster) Sam Schwager, John Solitario
Questions and Answers using the SQuAD 2.0 dataset and the QANet architecture (poster) Srinivas Raghavan
RE-Net: A Character-Based Model Replicating R-Net (poster) Aditya Iswara, Arvind Subramanian
Reading Comprehension for SQuAD 2.0 using U-Net (poster) Qingyun Wan
Really Paying Attention: A BERT+BiDAF Ensemble Model for Question-Answering (poster) Andrew L Ying
Recurrency-Free Question Answering with Unanswerable Questions (poster) Daniel Semeniuta, Ian Stuart Hodge, Michael Hazard
Research of LSTM Additions on Top of SQuAD BERT Hidden Transform Layers (poster) Oscar Josue Matus, Adam Joseph Thorne, Zac Douglas Farnsworth
Ryan QA (poster) Ryan Tyler Rice
SQuAD 2.0 (QANet, Character Embeddings and Token Features, Hyperparameter Tuning) (poster) Eric Redondo, Bernardo Casares Rosa, Eric Nielsen
SQuAD 2.0 Project Report (poster) Phillip Hoovestol, Konrad Morzkowski, Liyang Sun
SQuAD 2.0 with BERT (poster) Kevin Lalande
SQuAD Model Comparison (poster) Jiehan Zhu
SQuAD Question Answering with Transformers (poster) Chitradip Mandal
SQuAD to BioASQ: analysis of general to specific (poster) Karen Ouyang
SQuAD with SDNet and BERT (poster) Taresh Kumar Sethi, Derek Anda Huang, Eli Jaycob Pugh
SQuAD: Eliminate What You Don't Know (poster) Jessica Zhao, Ashwin Sreenivas, Todd Macdonald
SQuAD: Integrating PCE and Non-PCE approaches (poster) Oghenetegiri Sido
Semi-Supervised Question Answering: Generative Augmentation in SQuAD2.0 (poster) Alex Lu
Syll2Vec: A Phonetic Approach in Reading ComprehensionXiao Lu
The Death of Feature Engineering? BERT with Linguistic Features on SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Yue Zhang, Jiawei Li
The Effect of Embeddings on SQuAD v2.0Luis Antonio Perez
The Role of Data in Bert Question-Answering (poster) Xian (Carrie) Wu
Transformer with CSAN for Question Answering: SQuAD 2.0 (poster) Simerjot Kaur
Transformer-Based Model for Question and Answering (poster) Jennifer She, Emma Chen
Who is Ernie? Just ask Bert! (poster) Barthold Albrecht, Yanzhuo Wang, Xiaofang Zhu
Wisdom of Ignorance: Bert-wBiDAF for SQuAD2 (poster) Siyi Tang, Ruge Zhao, Meixian Zhu