Final Project Reports for 2021

There were three options for the course final project. Students either chose their own topic as a custom final project, or else they took part in one of the options for the default final projects, involving building question-answering systems. This year, we had two default final project options: Either people could build from scratch (regular, IID) question-answering models for the SQuAD 2.0 challenge or in the Robust QA track, students started with 3 question-answering datasets (SQuAD, Natural Questions, and NewsQA) and a pre-trained, transformer QA system and worked to produce a system that worked robustly on (OOD) test sets from additional domains.

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Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following teams, who produced exceptional prize-winning projects!

Prizes for Best Custom Project Reports

Prizes for Best Default Project Reports (IID SQuAD track)

Prizes for Best Default Project Reports (Robust QA track)

Custom Final Projects

All custom report summaries

Project NameAuthors
Aspect-Target Sentiment Classification for Cyberbullying Detection (summary)Joseph Wang, Kevin Chen, Sharan Ramjee
A Neural Model for Text Segmentation (summary)Ana Sofia Nicholls, Gene Tanaka
Consistent Estimation of the Average Treatment Effect with Text as Confounder (summary)Evan Matthew Munro
Music Genre Classification using Song Lyrics (summary)Andrea H Dahl, Anna Boonyanit
Cyclical Pre-Training for Cryptocurrency Price Predictions (summary)Andrew Mark Simpson
Predicting Doctor's Impression For Radiology Reports with Abstractive Text Summarization (summary)Silvia Gong, Will Zhuk, Xiyuan Chen
Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Discrete Reasoning (summary)Yang Tian, Yu Fan
SOTA Attention Mechanism and Activation Functions on XLNet (summary)Haozheng Du
Understanding Gender-coded Wording in Job Postings with Word-vectors and BERT (summary)Mengmeng Ji
Wall Street vs r/wallstreetbets: Exploring the Predictive Power of Retail Investors on Equity Prices (summary)Anshul Prakash Gupta
Peripheral Artery Disease Prediction using Medical Notes (summary)Ilies Ghanzouri
Dissecting Language's Effect on Bottleneck Models (summary)Easton Xu, Vincent Li
Model Compression for Chinese-English Neural Machine Translation (summary)Ryan David Cunningham
Conversational and Image Recognition Chatbot (summary)Shengyang Su
Government Document Classification (summary)Andrew Tang
Sentence-BERT for Interpretable Topic Modeling in Web Browsing Data (summary)Natalie Marie Cygan
Comparing Task-Specific Ensembles to General Language Models in Distinguishing Elaborated and Compact Language Codes within CoCA-CoLA (summary)Abraham Oshotse
Abstractive Summarization of Long Medical Documents with Transformers (summary)Luciano Gonzalez, Sabrina Rong Lu, William Blake Buchanan
Learning Links Between Low Level and Preferred Medical Terminology with GNNs (summary)Sophia Kivelson
iReason: Multimodal Commonsense Reasoning using Videos and Natural Language with Interpretability (summary)Aman Chadha
CASCADE + BERT: Using Context Embeddings and Transformers to Predict Sarcasm (summary)Langston Gary Nashold
Extracting, and not extracting, knowledge from language models for fact-checking (summary)Charlie Curnin
Enhancing Cherokee-English Translation System (summary)Bhagirath P Mehta, David Tran
Carl: An Empathetic Chatbot (summary)Grant Sheen
Assessment of Neural Machine Translation Performance Based on a new Sentence Embedding Cosine Similarity Metric (summary)Sadegh Aryanpanah
NLP for Stock Market Prediction with Reddit Data (summary)Muxi Xu
Exploring Knowledge Transfer in Clinical Natural Language Processing Tasks (summary)Wenji Zhang
Selectively Editable Language Models (summary)Spencer Flick Braun
Improving Medical Knowledge in the Automated Chest Radiograph Report (summary)Ethan Schonfeld
Fine-tuning of Transformer Models for High Quality Screenplay Generation (summary)Anchit Narain, Anthony Tu Le, Jordan Patrick Byrd
ALBERT: Domain Specific Pretraining on Alternative Social Media to Improve Hate Speech Classification (summary)Jackson Eilers, Julia Wang, Oliver Brady
BioXtract: Learning Biomedical Knowledge From General and Random Data (summary)Gilbert Lopez Rosal, Jimmy Khiem Trong Le, Mark Eric Endo
Race-Blind Charging (summary)Madison Coots
Text Ads Generation Using Deep Neural Network (summary)Weijian Ma
Intelligent Text Compression (summary)Blake Pagon, Ella Hofmann-Coyle, Mauricio Wulfovich
SleepTalk: Textual DeepDream for NLP Model Interpretability (summary)David Yue, Finsam L Samson
Evaluating Extractive Text Summarization with BERTSUM (summary)Sihguat Torres
Understanding Emotion Classification In Audio Data (summary)Allison Lettiere, Emily Yuqi Huang, Gaurab Banerjee
Clinical Note Generation to Address Physician Burnout (summary)Jiying Zou
Evaluating BERT on Question Exhaustivity Inference (summary)Dhara Yu
BigBirdFLY: Financial Long text You can read (summary)Dhavalkumar Anurasbhai Dangaria, Riccardo Giacomelli, Wilfrido Martinez-Alonso
Whiskey GPTaster (summary)Akram Sbaih
Question Answering System Implementation Using QANet Architecture (summary)Chafik Taiebennefs
Low or no resource domain adaptation for task specific semantic parser (summary)Sinchan Bhattacharya
DeepAiNet: Deep NLP-based Representations for a Generalizable Anime Recommender System (summary)Michael Sun, Robert Yang, Tai Duc Vu
What Did You Just Say? Toward Detecting Imperceptible Audio Adversarial Attacks (summary)John Mistele, Ryan B Cao
I Have(n't) Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service (summary)German Enik, Hannah Zhang, Varun Tandon
CheXGB: Combining Graph Neural Networks and BERT for automated radiology report labeling (summary)Damir Vrabac, Viswesh Krishna
Recursive Transformer: A Novel Neural Architecture for Generalizable Mathematical Reasoning (summary)Isabelle K Lee, Jerry Chen, Rohan Deshpande
Seeking Higher Truths and Higher Accuracies with Multilingual GAN-BERT (summary)Charan Ramesh Babu, Gil Lorch Kornberg, James Thieu
Quant-Noisier: Second-Order Quantization Noise (summary)Lyron Ong-Siong Co Ting Keh, Sergio Charles, William Ellsworth
GLARE: Generative Left-to-right AdversaRial Examples (summary)Nathan Gyoohyun Kim, Ryan Andrew Chi, Zander Lack
Document Matching for Job Descriptions (summary)Yao Jun Lum
Template-free organic retrosynthesis with syntax-directed molecular transformer networks (summary)David J Toomer
MedDRA2Vec: Training Medical Graph Embeddings for Clinical NLP (summary)Ariel Kelly Leong, Ayushi Tandel
Exploring RoBERTa's theory of mind through textual entailment (summary)Michael Cohen
Six Approaches to Improve BERT for Claim Verification as Applied to the Fact Extraction and Verification Challenge (FEVER) Dataset (summary)Anica Oesterle, Daniel Jun, Jonathan Ling
Analysis of Bias in U.S. History Textbooks Using BERT (summary)Grace Sally Lam, Marilyn M Zhang
Toxicity Detection: Does the Target Really Matter? (summary)Roland Dominique Pascal Duffau
Translating Natural Language Questions to SQL Queries (summary)Omkar Ajay Salpekar
Data Augmentation and Ensembling for FriendsQA (summary)Canwen Jiao, Nina Du
Ranked Keywords to Story Generation (summary)WenXin Dong
Predicting Hedge Fund Holdings from 10K/Q text Analysis (summary)Oussama Fadil
Multilingual CheXbert: Radiology Report Labeling in Spanish (summary)Adriel Saporta, Emily Amanda Ross
Are Captions All You Need? Investigating Image Captions for Multimodal Tasks (summary)Victor de Souza Lima e Silva
Classifying Emotions in Real-Time (summary)Arnav S Joshi, Ore Popoola
GameWiki: Aspect Extraction for Video Games (summary)Sirisha Akkanapragada
Automatically Neutralizing Ableist Language in Text (summary)Tiffany Liu, Tyler Shibata
Transformers for Textual Reasoning and Question Answering (summary)Dominik Joshua Damjakob, Justin Wong, Xinyu Hu
PopNet: Evaluating the Use of LSTMs and GPT-2 for Generating Pop Lyrics From Song Titles (summary)Eunji Lee, Jason Ryan Ah Chuen, Katherine Jean Wu
Fake News Detection and Classification with Multimodal Learning (summary)Charles Bai, Elaine Liu, Yiqi Chen
Moral Style Transfer (summary)Matthew Tran Radovan, Mustafa Ahmed Khan, Sasankh Munukutla
Applying Transformers and NLP Computational Techniques to America in One Room (summary)Haroun Habib Ahmed
How Low Can You Go? A Case Study in Extremely Low-Resource NMT (summary)Anfal Shahab Siddiqui, Daniel Yicheng Zhang
Annotating Sparse Risk Factors in Clinical Records with BERT (summary)May Yang Jiang
ChePT - Applying Deep Neural Transformer Models to Chess Move Prediction and Self-Commentary (summary)Alex Langshur, Colton Orion Swingle, Harry Mellsop
Translating Code-Switched Texts From Bilingual Speakers (summary)Kalyani Ramadurgam, Surabhi Gopal Mundada
Data Augmentation for ASR using CycleGAN-VC (summary)Claire Pajot, Hikaru Hotta, Sofian Zalouk
Learning Representations of Eligibility Criteria in Clinical Trials Using Transformers (summary)Josiah Gebreyesus Aklilu, Kevin Wu
Fine-Tuning Transformer-XL on Clinical Natural Language Processing (summary)Xianghao Zhan, Yiheng Li
Investigating Techniques for Improving NMT Systems for Low Resource Languages (summary)Alex Lee, Pranav Kushagra Vaid
Pseudocode to Code Translation Using Transformers (summary)Austin Brotman, Kaan Ertas, Nazli Ugur Koyluoglu
Adversarial Approaches to Debiasing Word Embeddings (summary)Benjamin Cheung Liu, Gordon Chi
Summarizations and Dragons (summary)David Patrick Ryan
Hierarchical, Feature-Based Text Generation (summary)Caitlin Elizabeth Hogan
Exploring the Limits of the Wake-Sleep Algorithm on a Low-Resource Language (summary)Abisola Olawale
Continuous Integrate-and-Fire Speech-Text Fusion for Spoken Question Answering (summary)Jeff Brown
Using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network (RCNN) to Predict S&P 500 Movements (summary)Carolyn Kao, Xiaoye Yuan
Identify Semantically Similar Queries in Virtual Assistant Dialogues (summary)Weiwei Zhang
CloneBot: Personalized Dialogue-Response Predictions (summary)Hoon Pyo Jeon, Tyler Yehuda Weitzman

Default Final Projects

All default report summaries

Project NameAuthors
Effect of Character- and Subword-Embeddings on BiDAF Performance (summary)Andy Kim
Building a QA system (IID SQuAD track) (summary)Daniel Xia
Improving QA System Out of Domain Performance Using Data Augmentation (summary)Amelia Saner Gilson, Lauren Pendo
RobustQA (summary)Swee Kiat Lim
Building a QA system (IID SQuAD track) (summary)Ruoyan Chen, Yi Wen
Fine Grained Gating on SQUAD (summary)Aaron Sidney Kaufer
Domain Adversarial Training for QA Systems (summary)Brynne Hurst, Danny Evan Schwartz, Xiaohong Wang
Robust Question Answering with Task Adaptive Pretraining and Data Augmentation (summary)Fang Guo, Qitong Cao
Task-Adaptive Pretraining, Domain Sampling, and Data Augmentation Improve Generalized Question Answering (summary)David Huang
Robust Question Answering using Domain Adversarial Training (summary)Bryan William Zhu
Question Answering with Self-Attention (summary)George Sarmonikas
An Unsupervised Pretraining Task for the BiDAF Model (summary)Julius Thomas Stener
Building a Robust QA system using an Adversarially Trained Ensemble (summary)Kevin Lee
QANet for SQuAD 2.0 (summary)Venkat Papa Rao Yerramsetti
Extending QANet with Transformer-XL (summary)Sheng Li
An Analysis on the Effect of Domain Representations in Question Answering Models (summary)Nicholas David Vasko
Improving QA Robustness through Modified Adversarial Training (summary)Jeffrey Stern Propp, Nebyou Temesgen Zewde
Reformed QANet - Optimizing the Spatial Complexity of QANet (summary)Alexander Kyle Fuster, Andrew Louis Hojel, Diana Yasmine Voevodsky
DistiIBERT Augmented with Mixture of Local and Global Experts (summary)Joshua Vernon Tanner, Philipp Mark Julius Reineke
Domain-agnostic DistiIBERT for robust QA (summary)Medina Orduna Baitemirova
DAM-Net: Robust QA System with Data Augmentation and Multitask Learning (summary)Siyun Li, Xi Yan, Yige Liu
Building a QA system (IID SQuAD track) (summary)Meenakshi Balagopal
Examining the Effectiveness of a Mixture of Experts Model with Static Fine-tuned Experts on QA Robustness (summary)Jack Z Xiao, Matthew Franklin Kolodner
BiDAF Question Ansering with Character Embedding, Self-Attention, and Weighted Loss (summary)Stephen C Ren
Invertigation of BiDAF and implementation of QANet for Question Answering (summary)Jiefu Deng
Gaining More from Less Data in out-of-domain Question Answering Models (summary)Mohammed Salman
BiDAF with Dependency Parse Tree for Question Answering in SQUAD 2 (summary)Mohammad Mahbubuzzaman
Exploring First Order Gradient Approximation Meta Learning for Robust QA Systems (summary)Christian Alexander Gabor
Self-Attention in Question Answering (summary)William Junjie Wang
Faster Attention for Question Answering (summary)Jack Beasley
Efficiency of Dynamic Coattention with Character Level Embeddings (summary)George Charles Younger, Michael Lin, Semir Shafi
Question Answering on SQuAD2.0 (summary)Aditya Kumar Srivastava, Anirudh Rao
Improving Out-of-Domain Question Answering with Mixture of Experts (summary)Danni Ma, Haofeng Chen
Tackling SQuAD 2.0 Using Character Embeddings, Coattention and QANet (summary)Devansh Sharma, Lucas Milind Haarmann
Improving Out-of-Domain Question Answering with Auxiliary Loss and Sequential Layer Unfreezing (summary)Jason Qin, Kai Eiji Okada
Exploring Combinations of Character Embeddings and Coattention (summary)Derek Chung
Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 using QANet with Performer FastAttention (summary)Arpad Jozsef Tamasi
Question Answering by QANet and Transformer-XL (summary)Chi Wang
Extending BiDAF and QANet NLP on SQuAD 2.0 (summary)Minakshi Mukherjee, Suvasis Mukherjee
Building a Robust QA System that Knows When it Doesn't Know (summary)Diptimaya Mishra, Kumar Kumar Kallurupalli
Improving Domain Generalization for Question Answering (summary)Alanna Nicole Flores, Jaymee Sheng, Lilia V Chang
Improving Out-of-Domain Question Answering Performance with Adversarial Training (summary)Jack Lee
Building Robust QA System with Few Sample Tuning (summary)David Yin, LIang Yi
Comparing Mixture of Experts and Domain Adversarial Training with Data Augmentation in Out-of-Domain Question Answering (summary)Irena Gao, Nathan S Marks, Ricky Joshua Toh Wen Xian
Rediscovering R-NET: An Improvement and In-Depth Analysis on SQUAD 2.0 (summary)Jacob Tyler Wagner, Minju Kim
Reimplementing Dynamic Chunk Reader (summary)Elijah Wright Spiegel, Nathan James Gugel
ALP-Net: Robust few-shot Question-Answering with Adversarial Training, Meta Learning, Data Augmentation and Answer Length Penalty (summary)Ran Duan, Yijing Bai, Zhen Li
Improving Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0: Exploring the QANet Architecture (summary)Aayush Amit Agrawal, Jiwon Lee, Laikh Tewari
Bidirectional Attention Flow with Self-Attention (summary)Yan Liu
QANet without Backtranslation on SQUAD 2.0 (summary)Jacky Huang
"Pointed" Question-Answering (summary)Shyamoli Sanghi
SQuAD: To QANet and Beyond (summary)Darkhan Baimyrza
Experimenting with BiDAF Embeddings and Coattention (summary)Chris Tan, Makena Sierra Low
Adversarial Training Methods for Cross-Domain Question Answering (summary)Gino Tesei
Context Demonstrations and Backtranslation Augmentation Techniques For a More Robust QA System (summary)Andrea Marie Collins, Ha H.N. Tran, Sammy Ibrahim Mohammed
Building a QA System (IID SQuAD track) (summary)Bo Yu
CS224N Default Final Project Report: Building a QA System Using BiDAF and Subword Modeling Techniques (summary)Nina Prabhu, Yanichka Ariunbold
SQuAD 2.0: Improving Performance with Optimization and Feature Engineering (summary)Brian MacDonald Powell, Robert Andrew Schmidt
Building a Robust QA System Via Diverse Backtranslation (summary)Nikhil Varun Raghuraman, Pranav Ramkumar Sriram
Question Answering with Binary Objective (summary)Johnson Xin Jia
Extended BiDAF with Character-Level Embedding (summary)Alyssa Bautista Romanos, Gabe Joaquin Saldivar, Kavita Anjali Selva
SQuAD - Refined Implementation of Contextually Enriching Passage Sequences (SQUAD-RICEPS) (summary)Daniel Kai Classon, Ryan Dominic Peng, Thomas Wentao Jiang
Building a Robust QA system with Data Augmentation (summary)Robert Hu, Trinity Gaw Donohugh
Implementations of R-NET and Character-level Embeddings on SQUAD (summary)Luan Jiang
Stanford CS224N SQuAD IID Default Project (summary)Ben Iver Rocklin, Paul Mure, Tracy Cai
Building a QA system (Robust QA track) (summary)Ozi Anyanwu, Robert Thomas Heckerman, William Park
Building a Robust QA system (summary)Andrew Namil Hwang, Maxwell James Pike, Pujan Sanjay Patel
RobustQA: Benchmarking Techniques for Domain-Agnostic Question Answering System (summary)Yijie Sun, Zelin Li, Zhu Shen
Dataset Augmentation and Mixture-Of-Experts Working In Concert For Few-Shot Domain Adaptation Transfer Learning (summary)Leif Jurvetson, Rafael Xavier Esteves
Longer-term dependency learning using Transformers-XL on SQuAD 2.0 (summary)Belinda Chufan Mo
BiDAF with Character and Subword Embeddings for SQuAD (summary)Yining Zhu
Improved QA systems for SQUAD 2.0 (summary)Akshay Nalla, Chloe He, Pablo Gabriel Diaz-Hyland
Meta Learning on Topics as Tasks for Robust QA Performance (summary)Arafat Mohammed, Josh Nkoy
Building a QA System (IID SQuAD Track) (summary)Aniruddh Ramrakhyani
Building QA Robustness Through Data Augmentation (summary)Jake Ryan Chao, Ryan Phuoc-Luan Tran
The Efficient BiIDAF (summary)Srivardhamanan Appavoo
Embedding and Attending: Two Hearts that Beat as One (summary)Manuka Valentina Stratta, Raymond Yao
Investigating the effectiveness of Transformers and Performers on SQuAD 2.0 (summary)Derek Chong
DA-Bert: Achieving Question-Answering Robustness via Data Augmentation (summary)Andre Maurice Turati, Jose Calinawan Francisco, Vineet V Edupuganti
Exploring the Architecture of QANet (summary)Joseph Christian Pagadora, Steve Gan
Question Answering with Co-attention and Transformer (summary)Xintong Yu, Xiran Shi
Meta-learning with few-shot models Analysis Final Project (summary)Andy Chow
Extending a BiDAF model with DCN for Question Answering (summary)Anooshree Lauren Sengupta, Hanna Yip, Michelle Xing
QANet for Question Answering on SQuAD2.0 (summary)Remy Zawislak
Robust QA with Model Agnostic Meta Learning (summary)Raghav Ganesh Samavedam
Exploring Improvements to the SQuAD 2.0 BiDAF Model (summary)Aakanksha Saxena, Bihan Jiang, Lauren Yang
Domain-Adversarial Training For Robust Question-Answering (summary)Aditi Talati
Sesame Street Ensemble: A Mixture of DistiIBERT Experts (summary)Tyler Alan Consigny
QA System with QANet (summary)Mengman Nie, Yiwen Liu
Improving the Robustness of QA Systems through Data Augmentation and Mixture of Experts (summary)Mei Hao, Ruying Gao, Zhengqiu Lou
Towards a Robust Question Answering System through Domain-adaptive Pretraining and Data Augmentation (summary)Feng Chen
QA System Using Feature Engineering and Self-Attention (IID SQuAD track) (summary)Alex Maximilian Oseguera, Jay Saleh
Coattention, Dynamic Pointing Decoders & QANet for Question Answering (summary)Jeffrey Sun, Mehrad Mohammadi Khalesi Fard, Zhen Li
Default Final Project: RobustQA Track (summary)Rui Hu
Robust Question Answering Through Data Augmentation and TAPT (summary)Dunia Hakim
Transformer Exploration (summary)Aidan John Donohue, Blake Jefferson Brandon
Extended QA System on SQuAD 2.0 (summary)Jialin Zhu, Lingyan Hao, Yi Wei
Character Embedding and Self Attention Mechanism with SQuAD (summary)Tsun-Han Huang, WEI HSU CHAO
Domain Adaptive Adversarial Feature Disentanglement for Neural Question Answering (summary)Yichen Li,, Wei Ren, Xuran Wang
Data Augmentation for Robust QA System (summary)Pengfei Xing
Improving the Performance of Previous QA Models (summary)Cheng-Min Chiang, Yen-Yu Chang
Building a QA System using R-net (summary)Tianyi Liu
Robust QA System with Task-Adaptive Pretraining, Data Augmentation, and Hyperparameter Tuning (summary)Emily You, Kun Qian, Xingzi Xu
RobustQA: Adversarial Training with Hyperparameter Tuning (summary)Virat Saurabh Singh
Multi-Task Learning and Domain-Specific Models to Improve Robustness of QA System (summary)Anmol Gupta, Meredith Xu
Building a QA system (IID SQuAD track) (summary)Naoufal Layad, Youssef aitousarrah
Robust QA with Task-Adaptive Pretraining (summary)Jeong O Jeong
Mixture of Experts and Back-Translation to improve QA robustness (summary)Gokul Dharan, Hoang Ngoc Vy Thai
A Dynamic Chunk Reader with Character Level Embeddings for Question Answering (summary)Timothy Leo Wu
Robust QA System with xEDA: Final Report (summary)Alexander William Donovan, Kazuki Mogi
Robust QA on out of domain dataset over pretraining and fine tuning (summary)Yueheng Li
Recurrence, Transformers, and Beam Search - Oh My! (summary)Callan Alden Hoskins, Griffin Crosby Young
BiDAF with Explicit Token Linguistic Features (summary)Sifan Ye
Building a QA system (IID SQuAD track) (summary)Han Zhang, Fenglu Hong
SQuAD 2.0 with BiDAF++ and QANet (summary)Xiaoteng Lu, Yiwen Jin
Meta Learning with Data Augmentation for Robust Out-of-domain Question Answering (summary)Ken Wang, Lisen Deng
BiDAF with Self-Attention for SQUAD 2.0 (summary)Michelle Huang
Better Learning with Lesser Data: Meta-Learning with DistiIBERT (summary)Cheuk Hei Yuen, Linxing Yao, Simeng Qu
Answer Pointer Inspired BiDAF And QANet For Machine Comprehension (summary)Bingxian Chen, Fang Qin, Weiyun Jiang
Robust Question Answering: Adversarial Learning (summary)Mohak Goyal, Prathyusha Burugupalli, Veer Siraj Shah
Importance Weighting for Robust QA (summary)Elinor Brondwine
Question-Answering with QANet for SQUAD 2.0 (summary)Luke Daniel Miller, Martin Luke Altenburg, Swathi Vish Iyer
Combining QANet and Retro-Reader Models (summary)Atem John Aguer, Isaac Kipchirchir Cheruiyot, Michael Cao
QaN I have Your Attention? Exploring Attention in Question-Answering Model Architectures (summary)Paula Anindita Pragati
Robust Question Answering via In-domain Adversarial Training and Out-domain Data Augmentation (summary)Kun Guo, Yiyun Gu, Zecheng Zhang
Comparing Model Size and Attention Layer Design Impact on Question-Answer Tasks (summary)Roshini Ravi, Sean William Konz
Pretraining of Transformers on Question Answering without External Data (summary)Jeffrey David Shen
Data Augmentation: Can BERT Do The Work For You? (summary)Hidy Han
RobustQA Using Data Augmentation (summary)Rebecca Pattichis
More Explorations with Adversarial Training in Building Robust QA System (summary)Xiyu Wang
Probability-Mixing: Semi-Supervised Learning in Question-Answering with Data Augmentation (summary)Dian Huang
Gated Self-Attention for SQuAD Question Answering (summary)Danny Tse
The Unanswerable Gap: An Exploration of Approaches for Question Answering on SQuAD 2.0 (summary)Eghosa Omorinola Amadin, Ruth-Ann Hazel Armstrong
Self-attention and convolution for question answering on SQuAD 2.0: revisiting QANet (summary)Joachim Andre Sasson, Oualid El Hajouji
Exploration of Attention and Transformers for Question and Answering (summary)Sing Kwan Ng
Building a Robust QA System (summary)Ximing Wang
Attention-aware attention (A^3): combining coattention and self-attention for question answering (summary)Alban Axel Zammit, Pierre Joseph Marcel Chambon
Improve DistilIBERT-based Question Answering model performance on out-of-domain datasets by Mixing Right Experts (summary)Kaikai Sheng
Improved Robustness in Question-Answering via Multiple Techniques (summary)Coco Ding, Jiankai Xiao
QANet on SQUAD 2.0 (summary)Siyuan Yuan
Multi-Phase Adaptive Pretraining on DistilBERT for Compact Domain Adaptation (summary)Anthony Acosta Perez
QANet+: Improving QANet for Question Answering (summary)Christopher Frederic Wolff, Moo Jin Kim
Robust Question Answering System (summary)Helena Huang
Augmenting BiDAF with Per-Token Features (summary)Viet Nguyen
Improving Robustness of Question-Answering System Using Domain-adaptive Pretraining, Adversarial Training, Data Augmentation and Finetuning (summary)Ju Zhang, Zhengzhi Lou